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Paul HenschelPaul Henschel’s work bridges pictorials with realism. As a documentarian for the PBS series Frontline, Henschel’s received the highest accolatdes in the industry- The Dupont Columbia, The Peabody, and The Emmy Award. The subject matter of his films has taken him to Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Thailand, and throughout Europe and Central America. As a commercial director, his diverse specializations include retail fashion and lifestyle for brands like Kohl’s, Marshall’s, Wal-Mart, to action and sports for, Polaris ATV’s and gun and hook content for Scheel’s. The approach that characterizes Henschel’s commercial projects is a combination of non-fiction sensibilities coupled with dramatic and graphic compositions. His visuals are typical, yet compelling moments that transcend aspects of ordinary life. He is known for his ability to encapsulate spontaneity, and capture heart felt emotions. Beyond delivering beautiful imagery, he has the ability to reach well beyond the visual with his innate ability to find a story, or develop a narrative where one might be vague or elusive.